“Imagine you have a genie who promises to grant you three financial wishes. What would you wish for?”

I ask my clients this question often, but I always add a caveat, “you can’t just wish for a lot of money.” Invariably, the first wish my client’s request is to “be out of debt.”

When they describe how being in debt feels, I’m often reminded of Jacob Marley in the famous tale, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, wandering through eternity wearied by the weight of his heavy chain and the shame and regret that accompanies it. Being saddled with debt is much more than a financial inconvenience; it weighs on us. It is an ever-present distraction robbing us not only of money but being present in our lives.

I always enjoy asking my clients, “What would it feel like to wake up tomorrow morning knowing that you will soon be completely out of debt and that your financial future, including your retirement years, is secure?”

In that instant, I see them transform from Jacob Marley to Ebenezer Scrooge, waking on Christmas morning joyously dancing around his bedroom.

Eliminating your debts as rapidly as possible is the essential first step toward financial independence because doing so:

a) Saves interest that can be invested to grow your wealth instead of making the banks wealthy.

b) Saves time which means your investments have more years to compound.

c)  Creates freedom from the emotional interference accompanying debt allowing you to be your best.

At Bulletproof, we’re not genies. But, we can offer you a financial tool that will eliminate all your debts, including a 30-year mortgage, in as little as 5-7 years, saving you thousands in interest and years of time

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