What do you do?

We help you grow your savings free of market-risk and taxes, and for a lot less cost than traditional investment approaches. By doing so, we help you bulletproof your retirement, giving you peace of mind about your financial future.

What do you mean by “retirement?”

By “retirement” we mean the years when you no longer trade your time for money, but rather spend your time doing whatever you wish.

What do you mean by “bulletproof?”

For your financial future to be bulletproof, you must do four things:

  1. eliminate market risk
  2. earn market-like returns
  3. mimize fees and expenses
  4. eliminate the IRS from your retirement plan

Considering this list, how bulletproof is your retirement plan?

Why are you doing this work?

When it comes to investing and retirement planning, Americans are sorely misinformed and what they don’t know is hurting them—badly. Less than 4% say they have a solid plan for retirement and nearly half have nothing saved to that end. We’re committed to making millions of Americans aware of financial options they don’t know exist. We want you to have the latest information, strategies, and tools for planning and executing a joyous and care-free retirement.

Everyone deserves to live out their senior years guaranteed an abundant lifetime income that’s safe from market losses and the IRS. We bring solutions that make this aspiration possible for every American and empower them to leave a financial legacy that will impact future generations.

What distinguishes you from other financial professionals?

The financial industry is failing the American people. A small fraction of Americans are financially prepared for their senior years, despite the 400 billions of dollars in fees charged annually by financial firms and independent advisors. Between 2008 to early 2009, Americans who risked their hard-earned savings in the stock market lost on average 51% of their account value. Where were their professional money managers then? Why did these advisors fail to make the defensive moves necessary to protect their clients’ assets?

Americans deserve and can do better. By moving away from depending on others to “manage” their money and instead learn how to grow wealth and prepare for retirement on their own. Americans possess the means to do just that—they simply have been unaware of this opportunity.

The Bulletproof team has been formed to change this. We are not money managers. We are educators committed to making Americans aware of financial options that will result in the peace of mind of a bulletproof financial future.

How are you compensated?

We are compensated by the nearly one dozen companies we represent, all of which are over 100 years old, have been helping Americans grow non-taxable savings for decades, and have hundreds of billions of dollars in assets backing up their products. If you choose to place any portion of your assets with one of these companies, they pay us a marketing fee for introducing you to them, their products, and their services. To be clear, none of the marketing fees we receive come out of your money.

What is these companies’ motivation for helping Americans safety grow non-taxable savings, and how do they do so?

The companies we partner with are highly motivated to invest your money profitably. Like any financial institution, they do earn something on the money you invest with them. The difference is that their earnings come from good investment performance instead of fees. And they employ tax codes, which are not applicable to traditional investment vehicles such as 410(k)s and IRAs, to ensure your savings are nontaxable. And because your minimum returns are guaranteed even in a down market, our partners have a strong incentive to invest wisely and outperform the market.

What kind of people do you help?

Those we help tend to fall into one of five groups:

  1. Anyone seeking financial freedom and the opportunity to retire early
  2. Those wanting to grow their savings free from market-risk and taxes as inexpensively as possible
  3. Those wanting to reposition, protect, and continue to grow money they’ve already acquired, e.g. a 401(k), IRA, ROTH, variable annuity, bank savings, etc.
  4. Those who are behind in their retirement planning and are serious about “catching up”
  5. Those wanting to own their own business, be their own boss, and grow wealthy as they help others do the same