What do you do?

We educate our clients so they can develop and execute a bullet-proof retirement plan. By “retirement” we mean the years when you no longer trade your time for money, but rather spend your time doing whatever you wish.


When we say BULLETPROOF, we mean protected against the 6 Big Threats:

Americans want a future that is secure and certain. A “bulletproof future” is one that is certain to occur no matter what circumstances arise. It is the peace-of-mind that BULLETPROOF Planning gives those we help that they desire and value most.

Why are you doing this work?

When it comes to investing and retirement planning, Americans are sorely misinformed and what they don’t know is hurting them—badly. Less than 4% say they have a plan for retirement and nearly half have nothing saved to that end. We’re committed to making millions of Americans aware of and able to use the latest information, strategies, and tools for planning and executing a joyous and care-free retirement.

How will you create my BULLETPROOF plan?

Our education process involves six steps:

How long does this process take?

This process is normally completed in four to six, 1.5-hour meetings over six to eight weeks. The primary determining factor is the availability of the client and their willingness to do the “homework” required. A highly motivated client can complete the process in as little as three meetings over four weeks.

What distinguishes you from other financial professionals?

The financial advisory community as a whole has failed the American people. A small fraction are financially prepared for their senior years, despite the trillions of dollars in fees charged annually by this community. Between 2008 to early 2009, Americans imprudent enough to rely largely on investments in the stock market lost on average 51% of their account value. Where were their money managers then? Why did they fail to make the defensive moves necessary to protect their clients’ assets?

Hard working Americans can do better. We must move away from depending on others to “manage” our money and instead learn how to grow wealth and prepare for retirement on our own. The good news is that more than any time in our history, Americans have available to them the means to do just that—they simply aren’t aware they have this opportunity.

We are not financial advisors or money managers. We are educators with only one objective in mind—a bullet-proof retirement plan for anyone who chooses to engage with us. We do not manage your money or your assets. It costs you nothing to complete our education process. We never touch a dime of your assets, and we never charge you a fee for our services.

It costs you nothing to change the way you think about money and the actions you take to prepare for your retirement, and there are no tax consequences. With us, you get a great plan and the follow-up support to ensure it stays viable over time and easy for you to execute. The objective is a plan that will provide you with a joyous and care-free retirement at absolutely no cost.

How are you compensated?

We are paid commissions by the nearly one dozen companies we represent, all of which are over 100 years old and have tens of billions of dollars in assets. If you choose to place any portion of your assets with one of these companies, they pay us a commission for introducing you to them, their products, and their services. And, it bears repeating, none of our commission comes out of your money.

If the companies you represent charge no fees to invest my money, what is their motivation for doing so?

Cort, this question needs to be answered transparently IF you include it here. The answer you put below comes across suspect and may increase subconscious resistance for many. I would recommend something simple and truthful such as: “The companies we represent are highly motivated to invest your money profitably. This is because like any financial institution, they do earn something on the money you invest with them. The difference is their earnings come from good investment performance instead of fees. And because your minimum returns are guaranteed even in a down market, our partners have a strong incentive to invest wisely and outperform the market.”

The answer to that question is too complicated to explain in a FAQ document. That’s why we have produced a white paper, “THE F.I.R.E. (FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT RETIRE EARLY) MOVEMENT”, that explains exactly how and why these companies have created several new and exciting options for growing wealth and planning for your retirement.

What kind of people do you help?

Those we help tend to fall into one of four categories:

Those in the 50-60+ age range who want to assure their plans for retirement are bulletproof.

Those in the 40-50 age range who have inadequately prepared for retirement and are serious about “catching up.”

Those in their 30-40 age range who have accumulated some wealth via IRA’s, 401(k)’s, ROTH’s, etc. and are ready to do the hard work necessary to plan for their senior years.

Millennials seeking financial freedom and the opportunity to retire early.